Image of Snow Dogs

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Snow Dogs


Measures approx 8x10", ready to hang on your wall of adorn your shelf.

I create these collections in order to bring a little wild and a whole lot of wonder to your home. I want the hectic life of non-stop information to wash away when you look at the wilderness within your papercut. That is why I work with clean lines and minimal design, I want to bring you back to the quiet calm of a campfire crackling, bullfrogs croaking, and the knowledge that you are where you belong. I hope when you unwrap your new artwork that you feel a long breathe escape you and that your muscles loosen. Hang it where it will bring you the most joy.

Important Information.
All works are 100% handcut, by me, from my own design. I do not use machines or assistants.
This piece is cut to order and will ship to your home one week from ordering.
I make your artwork with love and attention to detail, there may be slight variations but you’d probably never notice them:)

Please Note:

• The 8x10” Black Shadowboxes are VERY limited in quantity. Once they’re gone, they will be gone forever.
• Shipping: all orders will ship in 5 business days OR LESS, depending on sales volume.
• The shop will close somewhere around 12/10 so I can get all orders to their destination before the coming holidays.
• Custom Orders can be requested through Bookings are open for January and February.